About Us

Movement Consulting provides value-added advisory for companies in the Swedish and Nordic retail market. We develop strategies, concepts and practical solutions based on identifying the right questions.

Our solutions are always drawn from fact-based insights, often acquired through the study of the shopper, consumer and customer. To support the implementation, we offer support for managers as well as training for marketing organizations and sales forces.


Movement Consulting was founded in 2000 and is today one of the leading consulting companies in Sweden in the retail industry and related industries.

Our consultants have a broad and deep knowledge of retail and more specific the retail food industry. Our collective experience covers the entire value chain from analysis to implementation support.

”We have worked with Movement Consulting in a number of different projects: development of innovation, category development and business development within restaurant, catering and retail. We also use Movement Consultings Barometer surveys, as a tool in developing our sales organization.

The things that distinguishes Movement Consulting from other consulting agencies is their unique insights of the retail industry. They also have an operational approach, that is easily understood and implemented in the organization. Overall, Movement Consulting stimulates us in a very professional way and guides us in our development!”

– Gerhard Bley, VD O Kavli AB

”Movement Consulting has been an important partner in our strategic development for many years. In two rounds, we have developed our strategies with Movement Consulting as business consultants and sounding board. For example, we based our choices on valuable insights from customers - centrally as well as in stores. Movement Consulting has been responsible for carrying out the studies behind these insights.

Polfärskt Bread has, according to the key customers, developed from an outsider to the leading bread supplier ("qualitative market leader"). This development is of course primarily a result of hard and focused work internally. But Movement Consulting has been - and still is - an important process leader who professionally guides us through our development.”

– Hans Jacobson, VD Polfärskt Bröd AB